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Students work from first year.

2020-2021 :: DATT 1010 : Introduction to Interactive Digital Media I

Exploration of interactive digital media using a programming environment designed for creative use, such as Max/MSP. The primary content of this course will be presented in a series of themes that provide the basis for the exploration of computational art through fundamental tools needed for the analysis, evaluation, and creation of interactive computational art works, including the exploration of generative art, sound manipulation and effects, video manipulation and effects, and 2D graphics in run-time environments.

2020-2021 :: DATT 1939: Making Interactive New Media Art

Introduces students with little or no experience in the creation of new media works to the issues and techniques that will enable them to engage critically and creatively with the area. In the relatively short history of new media, a new language and tool set have become pervasive in the world of art making.

Invisibility :: Complexity :: Resistance :: Intentionality

December 14 – 21, 2020

online exhibition – performances – talks

Digital Media Year in Review (2020)

This catalog highlights of some of the best and most innovative work created by Digital Media students at York University from Fall 2019 through Winter 2020. In a…

e m e r g e n c e: Digital Media End of Year Show Catalogue (2019)

e m e r g e n c e consists of the highlights of some of the best and most innovative work created by Digital Media students at…


The game consists of three different levels, the difficulty increases upon each level based on different factors. The first level, the dartboard will be centered in the middle…

The Endangered Species Museum

The concept of our final project is a fictional interactive world that begins in a Museum. Our initial goal was to create a forest with many species of…

Waving Colour

The project is a visual music with skybox as a background and set some vivid models to express the music in a 3D world. The music is in…


Our project depicts a snowy nonsensical winter landscape. Within the project, an igloo plays music while penguins run around it and flurries of snow travel throughout the air….

The Promised Land

The Promised Land is a narrative mini-game that walks the player through an immersive, and often frustrating experience. No clear instructions are provided at the onset of the…