2020-2021 :: DATT 1010 : Introduction to Interactive Digital Media I

Course Director: Nadine Wettlaufer

TA’s: Rory Hoy, Hrysovalanti Maheras, Marcus Gordon

Exploration of interactive digital media using a programming environment designed for creative use, such as Max/MSP. The primary content of this course will be presented in a series of themes that provide the basis for the exploration of computational art through fundamental tools needed for the analysis, evaluation, and creation of interactive computational art works, including the exploration of generative art, sound manipulation and effects, video manipulation and effects, and 2D graphics in run-time environments. Emphasis on cultural analysis about the important role that computational media have in the arts, as well as integration of key ideas and computer programming methods. Students will put these concepts in practice through the development their own projects.

Final Visual Music

Using the knowledge gained over the term, use Max/MSP/Jitter to make a visual music work that transforms image based on sound. The visual music work must be transmodal (transmodality refers to changing data from one modality, like sound, into another modality, like drawings and/or video).

Erica Wellman

Kaitlin Urlando

Ashton Arquelada

Suyash Singh

Anna Chistiakova

Haozhang Dang

Julia Le

Amanda Ma

Jing Meng

Megan Stevens

Georgius Bryan Winata

Maykel Shehata

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