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Regrowth introduces a short exploration game in which players solve puzzles to help their home. The game brings a subtle theme of climate change/displacement in the player’s fantasy world with talking animals.


In Dream, a man named Pete lies on his deathbed and experiences flashbacks of his life. As Pete, you will go through the various stages of his life, learning about his story through a well-structured narrative.


Our game is an open-world platformer-collectathon. The player is given control over a cartoon Kookaburra bird, affectionately named “Choco”, and must successfully navigate an island in search of their lost eggs.

Individual, Intimacy, Collective

Individual, Intimacy, Collective is an interactive media project using Touchdesigner. The intention of this project’s interactive visual and sound changes is to provoke users to reflect on the dialectical relationship between the individual and the collective.


Eric Lin, Hao Xu, Janus Chui, Ruoming Lin A third person adventure game. Follow Ashlynn as she explores different realms in her dreams. Play as a human,…

Umbra Immortuos – Eternal Shade

Hao Tang, Xicheng Lian, Jiaoxuan Hou, Kadia Gregory Our project is a 3D pixel horror escape game named “Umbra Immortuos”, which means the shadow of death. It…


Dylan Bugeja, Jiajun Xu, Jie Gao, Rafid Naeem, Xinze Li A 3D virtual exploration experience with gameplay mechanics that is set at York University in a post-apocalyptic…

Gloves for Change

Aylin Tamer, Karishma Patil, Matthew Ierfino, Jorge De Oliveira Gloves for change will entail several puzzle based levels where the player will tackle a variety of climate…

Project Invaders

Yodhin Singh, Alina Manase, Antonio Nardi, Lisa Ghouchandra, Zannie Victor This is a third-person video game with 2 players and stylized graphics made on the Unity game engine. Each player will…

Break Ice

Yahui Zhao, Tianyang Zhan, Rumei Mai, Yu Liang, Rongyi Liao This project “Break Ice” is designed to be an interactive application boarded on mobile devices. The purpose…