By Alexandro Di Nunzio, Cindy Vu, Ramisha Wasim

Our game is an open-world platformer-collectathon. The player is given control over a cartoon Kookaburra bird, affectionately named “Choco”, and must successfully navigate an island in search of their lost eggs. However, Choco’s progress is hindered by a combination of platforming sections, puzzles, and predators. Choco must evade or overcome these obstacles to collect all of their lost eggs, and the game is beaten once this egg collection is reclaimed.

For inquiries regarding this initiative, please contact:

Mark-David Hosale, Ph.D.  –
Associate Professor and Chair, Computational Arts
Digital Media Program
School of Art, Media, Performance and Design
York University, Toronto

4700 Keele Street .:. 228 Goldfarb Centre for Fine Arts .:. Toronto ON, M3J 1P3 Canada