Course: LE/EECS 4935 Virtual Communities: Digital Activism and Social Justice

Nomadic Cultural Work on the Struggle for Queer Liberation

The topic for our presentation focused on the Queer community and the issues currently affecting them. We strove to get different perspectives from an international standpoint from different community members, interviewing them, listening to their personal experiences and asked them their perspectives on what issues were most relevant to them and the broader community.

Virtual Communities Final Project : York

In this virtual platform, we have chosen to address communities who are affected by mental health issues. These are characterized by changes in thinking, mood or behaviour associated with significant distress and impaired functioning, caused by a complex interplay of biological, psychosocial, economic and genetic factors.

Chinese New Year Universe

As an all-Chinese group, we chose to use Mozilla Hubs to present the customs and roots of the Chinese New Year. We hope that anyone who visits this virtual Chinese New Year residence would have a better knowledge and appreciation of the holiday.

Taichi 24-form

Taichi quan is a part of Chinese traditional culture, it embodies Chinese people’s unique way of thinking, code of conduct, aesthetic concept, value orientation, outlook on life and universe.