By Huang Guanghao, Qi Ruilin, Li Yanyu, Weng Zhijian

As an all-Chinese group, we chose to use Mozilla Hubs to present the customs and roots of the Chinese New Year. To begin, we used Maya to create a Siheyuan – a historical type of residence that was commonly found throughout China. The new scene in Mozilla Hubs is made up of Siheyuan and other 3D models, videos, images, and other media. We wanted to get everyone in this virtual community in the spirit for Chinese New Year, so we hung lanterns, Chinese couplets, and window flowers in front of the house. All of these are activities that every Chinese family would undertake during the New Year. In addition, each of our members created a corresponding video and placed it in various locations throughout the courtyard. These videos highlight not just the history, customs, and legends of the Chinese New Year, but also some of the activities that people participate in during the holiday, such as preparing dumplings and handwriting couplets. We hope that anyone who visits this virtual Chinese New Year residence would have a better knowledge and appreciation of the holiday.

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Mark-David Hosale, Ph.D.  –
Associate Professor and Chair, Computational Arts
Digital Media Program
School of Art, Media, Performance and Design
York University, Toronto

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