Year of Study: Masters

Student work from the Digital Media Masters Program


Vortex is a visualization of photos taken through the artists life of owning digital cameras, attached to a smartphone, DSLR, or mirrorless. The photos are taken and thrown into a spinning vortex according to the time where they were taken, creating a sort of story in the chaos of the photos.

ThreadBare is a textile art installation that centers the shared and lived experience of survivors of sexual and domestic violence or abuse. It is the culmination of collected submissions of poetry and prose hand embroidered into clothing and combined with thread, and fabric, woven together by the stories of the contributors. By collecting anonymous submissions from those who wanted to share their experience, the piece gives voice to survivors and through the accompanying soundscape offers the opportunity for audiences to explore these voices while sonically immersed in the ongoing invisible public dialog around sexual violence on social media. In this digital remount, ThreadBare.hubs, we have recreated the experience of the exhibit in Mozilla Hubs.

Invisibility :: Complexity :: Resistance :: Intentionality

December 14 – 21, 2020

online exhibition – performances – talks

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