Artists have always drawn inspiration from nature, but until recently only rarely have they been able to leverage nature’s creative mechanisms. From its origins computing has also found biological inspiration in pattern formation, self-construction and reproduction, intelligence, autonomy and collective behaviour. Autonomous complexity is thus one of the fundamental hallmarks of computational art; an integral message of the medium. Students in this course develop understanding of these developments from arts and science foundations, addressing computation as a creative medium from a biologically-inspired standpoint, and developing artworks and simulations inspired by the fascinating complexity of nature.

Rostami Ravari Amirbahador, Chohan Anas, Ann Arizapa, Susan Choi, Malcolm Harriott, Milka Lijiam, Pail Liu, Zhouyang Lu, Hrysovalanti Maheras, Tony Nguyen, Andrew Sidsworth, Nicole Skrypuch, Jeremy Tantuco, Jackielou Tornato, Meng Nan Yang, June Yu