Interdisciplinarity: Dance

Digital Media students who worked in collaboration with York’s Dance students.

2021-2022 :: DATT 3931/4931 Collaborative Performance Project I & II

Three immersive dance pieces live-streamed in 360° video. The York Dance Ensemble and Digital Media Students in Collaborate Performance Project I and II have worked collaboratively to create pieces where the audience sits, virtually, in the centre of the space.

2020-2021 :: DATT 3931/4931 Collaborative Performance Project I & II

In this course students engage in a collaborative interdisciplinary artistic creation process with students from participating departments under the direction of an Artistic Director(s). The final project is typically presented in one of AMPD’s large performance facilities. Time flexibility on the part of students in this course is critical as class sessions are scheduled around the availability of a diverse team.

Dance of Cultures

Dance is a movement that is practiced throughout the world. Diversity and inclusivity allows people to enjoy and partake in this movement. Our goal is to create a…


Murmuration was part of An Installation Incubator Project performed in March 2017. The project was an interdisciplinary exploration in technology, movement, sound, design and performance featuring talent from the…

The Birds

This documentation video summarizes the work that Digital Media students did for The Birds, a creative collaboration between theatre, dance, digital media and music students together with faculty…