Butterflies section

Butterflies section

Murmuration was part of An Installation Incubator Project performed in March 2017. The project was an interdisciplinary exploration in technology, movement, sound, design and performance featuring talent from the Departments of Dance, Theatre and Computational Arts.

The show comprised four experimental, experiential dance works created by Professors Susan Cash, Gwenyth Dobie, Susan Lee, William Mackwood, Doug Van Nort and Don Sinclair with students in the York Dance Ensemble and the Digital Media Program.

Two works were performed in rotation four times back-to-back in each venue. Audience members entered and exited as they wished and as permitted by room code.


Program note:

Murmuration is inspired by a never ending fascination with phenomena in nature.

A murmuration: hundreds to thousands of starlings flying together in a whirling, ever-changing pattern, where the connectedness reminds us of smoke or liquid.

All visuals and sound are generated and/or manipulated by computer code run live during the performance.

Media Collaborators:

Don Sinclair, Yue Chen, Raechel Kula, Zhuoxuan Li, Kayla Macdonald, Alexandra Martens, Christina Paik

Dance Collaborators:

Susan Lee, Ashlyn Kuy, María Lucía Llano , Emily Rapley, Nicole Robb, Meghan Van Der Giessen, Evan Winther