Course: FA/DATT 3701 Collaborative Project Development in Games


Senryō is a paper 2.5D action-adventure game inspired by the beat-em-up genre. The game takes place in a mythical painted world inspired by Japanese mythology where the player will use an oversized paintbrush to defeat enemies and clear puzzles. Put the pain in painting.

Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam is a chaotic task-juggling crossing guard game. As the crossing guard, you’ll have to stay on your toes to avoid any accidents! Navigate traffic-heavy crosswalks to help pedestrians cross. Using the tools at your disposal: you can clear obstacles, manage traffic, and if need be – carry pedestrians to safety! You’d better be quick with it – not everyone is willing to wait!

(Spacemen, Strategists)² This is a builder/platformer game developed for DATT 3701 by 5 different people. The game works similarly to Super Mario Maker and Chicken Run. In other words,…