This course provides a foundation in 3D animation using the 3D modelling and animation software Maya. The course will provide a survey of various animation techniques and approaches with an emphasis on render time animation as it is used in 3D art, 3D animation, data visualization and games. Topics include the principles of animation, scene building, character animation, timeline based animation techniques, staging a scene using lighting, cameras and sound and the use of 3D graphics in simulation and visualization. Some animation techniques covered in the course are straight ahead action and pose-to-pose keyframing, rigging, motion paths, set driven keys, and particle and physic effects, Each class consists of a one hour lecture and two hours of lab practice to accomplish a combined theoretical and practical approach.

Lucid Space Disco

Sofia Valyaeva

Space Horse makes its way through crystalline surroundings in exploration of materials, atmosphere, and physical possibilities of 3D Digital Art. The saturated colours paired with music aims to take you into the hyper ambiance of familiar ‘80s nostalgia. Using beginner knowledge of the Maya program, this project shaped itself through errors reworked into stylized features. The default neon appearance of pre-rendered shaders and wire mesh inspired the final retro-synthwave aesthetic. Time constraint and technical difficulties guided this project to explore an abstract premise over a story-based one. The abstract crystal environment substitutes the classic neon lights of the ‘80s aesthetic by amplifying and tinting the light and surroundings. The polygons of the ground worked themselves into the glowing net inspired and paying tribute to the light-grid of classic ‘80s video games, posters, and graphic design. The ‘80s was a decade of Futurism, colour, geometric shapes and over-the-top patterns and silhouettes. The force of a horse’s running body pairs with the loud sound and visuals that aim to spread that same upbeat energetic positivity. Music: Night Ride by Aries Beats

The Hallway

Rafael Medici

During this past school year, I’ve been attending to two 3D based classes which included modeling and animating lessons. That was the first time I have ever tried a three-dimensional software in my life. This short animation was supposed to be a showcase of some of what I learned in my 3D modeling and animation course. I decided to create an animation with a feeling of confinement and uneasiness, along with a sense of persecution. I imagined what would be like if the Devil had an apartment in the modern era. I would imagine it would be neat and organized, maybe with his favourite works of art displayed on the walls. But it also had to be somewhat macabre.

Why Me

Jodie Chow

Coming from a strong life science background, I wanted to challenge my creative ability that I have always pushed aside throughout my life. With this project, I decided to create something representative about a part of the human journey. My take on this story centers around the race to become someone with purpose while going through the rigorous challenges of society. This character shows the continual search of who you are, whether it be gender, your worth, your personality or something that adds value to your life. In addition, the objects represent that throughout your life you will always reflect back on who you want to become and how much progress you have made. The tone of this setting, including the audio, represents the unsettling feeling that you are only a small piece in this large and growing universe. Although we don’t fully understand the world around us, I wanted this project to express that by examining our own thoughts and feelings we can try to understand who and where we want to be in this life.

The Way I See it—A Beetlejuice: The Musical Animation

Mia Meneses-Sandoval

A monstrous being attempts to strike up a conversation (and friendship) with a girl, in the form of song. The scene is set to the Beetlejuice: The Musical song, “Say My Name.” Originally, I made a 1 minute-long storyboard, and intended to use it as basis for a 2D animation in my personal time—but a week after finishing my 2D storyboard drafts, I needed to begin working on a storyboard for a 3D Animation Final Project. With permission, I decided to use my personal work to adapt to 3D instead. I wanted to make the movements as exaggerated and bouncy as a 2D cartoon while using the advantages of 3D software, such as inbetweening the leaps and bounces automatically, creating dramatic angles without perspective issues (fixing the issues of uninteresting framing from the original 2D storyboard), and the freedom to adjust timing. The monster commanded the most attention with its difficult model and energetic presence—so I devoted the more to its build and animation over a detailed background or supporting character.


Eyad Tawfik

Laboratory experiment 727 explores an eerie laboratory to test out a new prototype of a portal gun. 727 walks through the hallway towards the lab. Perhaps test 727 will prove to be the final one…