Eric Lin, Hao Xu, Janus Chui, Ruoming Lin

A third person adventure game. Follow Ashlynn as she explores different realms in her dreams. Play as a human, bird, dolphin and dinosaur. Solve puzzles to unlock each of these new forms. Each form Ashylnn takes allows her to interact with the environment in different and unique ways. Fly around the world, swim through spanning waters, and destroying building to explore and find the hidden secrets of Ashylnn’s mysterious dreamscape.

Group Members:

Eric Lin: Coding, 3D Modelling

Hao Xu: UI Design, Coding, Video Composition

Janus Chui: Graphic Design, Character Design, 3D Character animation, 3D character rigging

Ruoming Lin: 3D Modelling

From the 2020-2021 course:

EECS 4700 Digital Media Project (Capstone)

This course involves the completion of a significant body of work in the area of Digital Media. The project will normally be a team project involving the development and analysis of a digital media work potentially having elements of interactivity, animation, 3-D graphics, and sound for example. The project will be presented at a public workshop towards the end of the year.

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