The game consists of three different levels, the difficulty increases upon each level based on different factors. The first level, the dartboard will be centered in the middle of the screen, whereas in the second level, the dartboard will move along the x axis, and will move along the x and y axis in the 3rd level, which creates a zigzag pattern. The player decides the x position of the dart during the beginning of each turn, while the use of a “power bar” will determine the y position. The power bar is activated by pressing the space key after choosing the x position. This will simultaneously decide the y position and throw the dart. To win the game, the player starts with a score of 200, with the objective of getting it down to zero, by hitting the dart board successfully. Hitting the centre of the dartboard (bullseye) is worth 50 points, while the outside slices are worth 20. Once 0 is reached, the game will level up automatically with a different background, and added difficulty as discussed previously. Once all 3 levels are completed, a timer representing time taken to complete all 3 levels will pop up, presenting a challenge to the player to beat their previous score.

Artur Komissarov , Noura Alwan, Harmeen Kaur Saini