The concept of our final project is a fictional interactive world that begins in a Museum. Our initial goal was to create a forest with many species of butterflies. The museum features very diverse, endangered tree types, each species is found in differing regions in the world and have a unique and interesting backstory. The trees we featured was the African Baobab, the Monkey Puzzle, the Loulu, the Dragon Tree, and the Pau Brasil. In addition, the museum features two of the largest land mammals that are in danger of extinction, the Rhino and the African Elephant. The goal is to enlighten the user of very serious and real issues that affect our current ecosystem and biodiversity. The home button allows the user to start again in the beginning, somewhat the tutorial/ introductory stage. The arrow allows the user to teleport to the tree exhibits in order; One being the African Baobab, two being the Monkey Puzzle, and so on. However, the user is not limited to only teleportation, and have the option to move in the museum whilst maintaining the function of the buttons.

Aubrey Mae Obra, Yuze Chen, Ademola Adenekan