The project is a visual music with skybox as a background and set some vivid models to express the music in a 3D world. The music is in the style of electric dance with rhythmic beats in order to make our work more active and dynamic. We used two cube maps to create different scenes as well as 3D models. We made several small models and lined them up in a circle such as to put them into a group, which would be efficient for controlling and arranging them. As a result, we have five different sizes of ring shape group objects that were combined by different attributes of small models. There is one object in the center of the scene surrounded by these 5 rings, and we applied VTF heightmap on this model’s texture so that the signal output from the audio can transfer to the visual effect on surface of this object. The 3D models are organized to dance and transform alongside timed triggered events based on the structure of the song. The camera has been pre-set to different locations during the duration of the song such that the audience can watch from different perspectives.

Jiahui Han, Haiyu Wang, Changyuan Huang