Our project depicts a snowy nonsensical winter landscape. Within the project, an igloo plays music while penguins run around it and flurries of snow travel throughout the air. The user views the landscape from three different vantage points but can also navigate with their keyboard and mouse/mousepad. The igloo is placed at the center of the floor of the world. The penguins move in random directs around and through the igloo, occasionally leaving the ground. The world depicts the snowy landscape one would expect to find in Antarctica. The snow models travel in random directions, entering and leaving the world without restraints, giving the impression that they are travelling further out into the landscape. The random directions the snow travels mimic how real snow behaves when caught in random gusts of wind. The igloo emits party music, while the penguins emit honking noises. The snow travelling throughout is silent. The igloo is meant to be suitable in size for penguins. The penguins start off gathered inside, all simultaneously exiting the structure to run around as the music plays. In their rush of “excitement,” they occasionally leave the ground, flying up into the air for a while before being sent back down.

Courtney Binnie, Tommy Lam, Catherine Lombardo