This is a game that sets the user into a forest (at night) looking for five individual pieces of treasure, all while being chased by a monster. The player wins when they have collected all five pieces of treasure and loses if they have been caught by the monster before then. The world size is very large and filled with trees and rocks that are placed in new random positions each time the game runs. The player’s current score is tracked so that they know how many treasures they have acquired so far. At different parts of the game (when the player has collected specific amounts of treasures), the player moves slower for each additional treasure they collect. The monster will always move towards the player’s current location. One concept that our project uses is AI, more specifically reactionary AI. The monster reacts to the player’s movements. This in turn makes the monster behave differently depending on the player’s location around the map. The monster is set to reach the player within a set amount of time. That amount of time is determined by this equation: distance between monster and player, divided by player’s current speed.

Eric Lin, Hao Xu