by Jingkun Cheng, Haozhang Dang, Xuan Han, Jiani Li, Qijin Li, Xuemeng Li, Tingyu Tang, Jiahui Wang, and Honglei Xin

We Meet is an interactive installation that brings you the experience of being a butterfly.

By titling your phone, you will be able to navigate your butterfly through the bushes, collide with the rose, or interact with other butterflies.

This is more about the visual experience rather than game, yet you can still compete with others by eating the power-ups and leveling up.

The project deals with the topic of utopia. Each butterfly is born with the same color and glow. The only way to bring difference to this world is by eating the power-up and becoming stronger. By doing so, you might able to kill the weaker flies but they can also shutdown you if they chose to unite. It is this mechanism that keep the crystal ball running, same in our reality.

For inquiries regarding this initiative, please contact:

Mark-David Hosale, Ph.D.  –
Associate Professor and Chair, Computational Arts
Digital Media Program
School of Art, Media, Performance and Design
York University, Toronto

4700 Keele Street .:. 228 Goldfarb Centre for Fine Arts .:. Toronto ON, M3J 1P3 Canada