by Alice Chai, Haris Cheema, Jingwen Deng, Adrian Fearman, Aaron Hernadez, Jelena Matic, Michael Rizza, Joshuah Shillingford, and Yuxuan (Rain) Wang

Not Simon is a memory game that engages the player(s) with sound, visuals and physical touch. The game attempts to combine the fun and active nature of other electronic memory games like Bop-It or Simon, with the energy and scale of an arcade game. The player(s) are expected to memorize a series of playful sounds (accompanied with visual aids) and play the series back in perfect order. Upon success, the round will progress, the chains will get longer and the time given to play them back will get shorter. The game can be played either as an individual or collaboratively but users are encouraged to find unique ways to work together to reach a hi-score! The game has no strict rules other than the playback must be exact, the rest is up to you!

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Associate Professor and Chair, Computational Arts
Digital Media Program
School of Art, Media, Performance and Design
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