December 12- 14th 
Transmedia Lab, rm ACW 103
York University

Opening celebration: December 12th 2-5pm

Featuring the work of:
Alexandro Di Nunzio  | An Vu | Antony To | Chunxiao He  | Cindy Vu | Corinthe Eigen  | Emily Moros Scheibe | Haobin Alturo Chen Liu  | Haoran Chang | Jacob Loat  | Jasmine Ly | Jiahui Hu | Jialu Zhou | Joe Lawlor | Joo Park  | Kimberly Davis | Ludwig Lorenz | Radin Moayyedian | Thalia Godbout | Zhihao Sun | Zijie Yin

A listing of works from our Winter 2022 mid-year exhibition. The selection of works in this exhibition were submitted by students from across our program, ranging from years one through four of the Undergraduate program, as well as works from Masters and Ph.D. The works presented here are in a wide variety of mediums and formats. From web-based, to electronic, to mixed reality, the common thread to most of these works is the computational basis in their conceptualization and realization. Most of the works presented here use content that is generated in real-time using algorithms as their creative toolset. All of the works embody computational thinking and aesthetics in their execution that include systems-based methodologies, hybrid art, and interdisciplinary approaches to making art.

Digital Media is a joint program between Computational Arts (School of Arts, Media, Performance, and Design) and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Lassonde School of Engineering) that mixes arts and media with engineering. In the program students use code and programming as tools for creative expression in forms such as immersive and 3D environments, interactive performance, data visualization, games and apps.
Emily Moros Scheibe

To constrain the new in the bindings of the old: is an experiment in absurdist digital skeuomorphism, taking bleeding-edge color science and video processing techniques and turning them towards the end of.. playing video in a 1980s terminal.
Using only technology meant for old text-based menus, an extremely limited resolution and a whopping 256 color palette, simplifies the normally complex and inaccessible world of video technology into a playground for both artistic and technical experimentation.

dot work
Jialu Zhou

This is a generative animation piece which produces a mosaic drawing. The program randomly selects images as source material to construct a colour map which is then used as the palette for rendering the original image as a pointillist painting.

Jasmine Ly

VIRTUOSO is a point-and-click styled game which follows the protagonist Loki, a curator in the fictional city of Valhalla, who is wary of the rumoured supernatural presence in the museum in which she works. As Loki, the player sneaks into the museum at night. They must check over three artworks she has lined up for her exhibition before making a final decision on whether to pass or deny each artwork from being displayed. Whether each artwork is haunted or not and the extent of its hauntedness is randomly decided at the game start. As a final project for DATT 2040 Art, Math, Code, VIRTUOSO exemplifies code and maths as a means to create art, with its visual style reminiscent of pixel games with a colour palette that aims to capture old-school, point-and-click horror/mystery aesthetics. ( fandom social media website)
Corinthe Eigen

It is a community-based fandom social media for fiction writers. Users or members are enthusiasts writers and fans of metal and rock genre music. Authors’ stories and characters are based on their favorite metal and rock band members. All stories are original; authors can write their stories live on line and can e-publish simultaneously or submit and download if done offline. There are followers/readers who are free to like and place comments on any stories, the authors can interact with readers/followers in real time, if they are online. There is a Message Board live for the members, they can interact, posting comments, photos, videos, arts,etc.

Antony To

This audio montage’s main purpose is an example of the human brain in a state of being overwhelmed by whatever the situation is. The audio starts off slow with only a few voices noticeable. As time progresses more sounds are triggered giving off the feeling of being overwhelmed by chaos. Sounds of voices pull you down with other voices that do not even sound recognized to you. Voices that never end because your brain never stops thinking. The only way to stop the voices of the sound is if you start it again. Which is another representation of how our minds work. But once it starts again, there is no end. Everyone in their lives has at least experienced this. Being overwhelmed by whatever it is or just your internal voices doubting your own capabilities. Overall only makes our lives difficult.

Eden, Metaverse for Wellness
Joo Park

a virtual environment
includes capacity to meet others in the world
space for wellness, decompression, reflection, connection, safety

Jiahui Hu

ZOOM is a puzzle digital game about surveillance in a 1980s dystopian nation in Western Europe. You, as a security officer working for the government, must report “unfavourable” behaviours according to government directives. The game would take 2-3 minutes to play and has 2 endings.

Drive Through The Woods
Radin Moayyedian

My work is a project using max 8 only focused on sound. The piece is a song with a storyline which has a start, a middle as well as an ending scene. Although there are many audios in the project, all audio manipulations are done in max using coding techniques.

Sharing Hearts
Kimberly Davis

This project is inspired by blood donation and blood transfusions. Participants can donate their blood (heart rate) to the installation. The blood will be collected and then sent to hearts, which will light up and beat with the same heart rates as the people who donated. Eventually, the blood will run out, and the hearts will stop beating. To keep the hearts beating and the lights of the installation going, people have to keep donating. Blood transfusions are often used to treat many health conditions. Therefore, this installation is meant to show the importance of blood donation.

Way to school.
Zijie Yin

Audio montage made by MAX. As my assignment 2 in DATT1010, it composed of one piece of music as the main theme and multiple city sound clips.
The project inspired by my way to school, usually I would walk with headphones and pass the streets and subway stations.It abstractly simulates the sounds I heard.

East Beijing Road 159
Haoran Chang

Beijing East Road 159 is an interactive storytelling combining physical interface and virtual experience that audiences can use touch and control lights to reveal an imaginative abandoned space. This space is constructed based on The 3D model, image, and sound data collected at Beijing East Road n Shanghai, China. This building at downtown is under refurbishment and the old residents were forced to move out earlier this year. By collecting debris and abandoned objects through physical interaction, the more architectural space will be revealed. In this journey, audiences will encounter the real and fictional stories in a gamified experience. This is an alpha demo piece with 5 minutes play experience.

Punch Rythm
Zhihao Sun

A music game which adjusts beats according to the player’s heart rate, controlled by Kinnect, with a cube particle effect.

Ginkgo noctiluca
Haobin Alturo Chen Liu and Thalia Godbout

Ginkgo noctiluca consists of two artificial organisms that respond to the environment around them. When the viewer shines a light on one organism, it reacts by “breathing” and gently rustling the leaves that protrude from its body. The second organism responds to motion and the viewer’s presence by pulsating its lights. The two organisms sense and communicate with each other, while also sensing the people around them, inviting viewers to closely observe the interactions between the pair.

A Light Agreement
An Vu and Joe Lawlor

This piece includes two participants, each wearing a motion sensor fitted onto their hand and two ringed lights (referred to as gems) placed beneath their necks. As each subject moves their hand, their outer ring of gems light up corresponding to their movement while the same motion lights the inner ring of their partner’s gem. Different movements result in reactions of different coloured gems. When the movements happen in sync and the colours match, a vibration motor located on the wrist turns on.

The Cybernetic Hive
Alexandro Di Nunzio, Chunxiao He, Jacob Loat, Ludwig Lorenz, Cindy Vu

The Cybernetic Hive is an exploration of autonomous entities in a 2D virtual space. Watch as each entity, governed by their own static rule sets, become dynamic, almost natural entities through their interaction with the assortment of other beings within the virtual world. Get lost in a complex ecosystem of ones and zeros.

Elevator Pitch
Ludwig Lorenz
Showing Wednesday, December 14th from 12-2pm in the ACW atrium.

Elevator Pitch translates how people move and distance to each other into sound. It makes you listen to the social interaction, you might already unaware of, happening in a space that exists only to traverse it.

For inquiries regarding this initiative, please contact:

Mark-David Hosale, Ph.D.  –
Associate Professor and Chair, Computational Arts
Digital Media Program
School of Art, Media, Performance and Design
York University, Toronto

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