Course Director: Yifat Shaik

TA: Gillian Blenkkenhorst

Explores the rules and procedures followed by players and games-more broadly and not limited to computer games-that are the building blocks that make up gameplay. Students look at the various aspects of game mechanics; what they are, how they can be formed, how they interact with each other, what values they transmit and topics relating to the application of game mechanics. Examines system dynamics, balancing luck and skill, cooperation and competition, in variety of gaming and non-gaming contexts. Students will prototype, test, and implement mechanics in games and learn how to visualize, simulate and operationalize game mechanics. Topics include: emergent gameplay, balancing game mechanics and level design, and scripted events vs. dynamic progression systems.


Allen Dai

Sube is a first-person horror game taking place in Subeusapia – The City of the Dead, a nightmarish version of Eusapia – a city for the living. You somehow crossed over into Subeusapia, awaking in the unfamiliar Hyde House. You must evade restless spirits and hostile Withered to escape and prevent yourself from being trapped here forever.


Murley Herrle-Fanning

Obverse is a first person 3D environment puzzle game inspired by Cities and Eyes 5 from Calvino Italo’s Invisible Cities. The goal of the game is to find notes hidden throughout the level in order to uncover the story of the city by manipulating the level space and moving between two spatially correlated dimensions: the overworld and the obverse. Where there is a wall or obstacle in one dimension, there is an open space in the other and vice versa. Certain obstacles can be moved in each dimension allowing the player to change the other dimension and potentially open new paths towards one of the exits or a hidden note.

The Lost Past

Ruilin Lan

In The Lost Past, you travel and explore the invisible city and uncover some of the mystery.

Shiloh’s Adventure

Clarissa Li

Welcome to the abandoned city of Despina, where lives Kairi and Audun. The former best friends have been granted control over the two sides of Despina and are both longing to mend their friendship after a quarrel without leaving their comfort zones. You, Shiloh, have travelled to Despina and decided to help. With the help of your car, you embark on this journey of friendship mending. On your way, you find knotted roads and bottles scattered all over. You also see Kairi and Audun standing far apart, desiring the other while lacking the courage to forgive. Help them find each other again to leave the city with a content heart. This is a multi-step third-person driving game. With the time limit of 5 minutes, follow the instructions on the screen to complete the level.

Hint: go off-route when allowed

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