Course Director: Joe Hambleton

TA: Ilze Briede

Provides a foundation in 3D animation using state of the art render time 3D modelling and animation software such as Maya, Blender, and 3DS Max. The course will provide a survey of various animation techniques and approaches with an emphasis on render time animation as it is used in 3D art, 3D animation, data visualization and games. Topics include, scene building, character animation, timeline based animation techniques, and the use of 3D graphics in simulation and visualization.


Anna Chistiakova

Touching on the complex subject of transformation, this short clip reflects on one of life’s most dramatic changes of a child into an adult. In a quick sequence, a child looks and skips forward to the future only to find himself a man reminiscing his childhood. His natural, vivid joy for life changes into a calculated, grey life of an adult man who continues his journey forward yet secretly wishing to go back. Inspired by my little brother and his unwavering and exuberant love for life, I hoped this clip may be a reminder of the importance of one’s pure and child-like enjoyment of the moment and preserving it against the forward propelling motion of life.

Modern Sisyphus

Ian Ge

In this 3D animation work, I combine the classic stories of ancient Greece-” Sisyphus” with the modern mechanized conveyor belt. I want to express the eternal reincarnation of modern people in modern society, and their insignificant existence as an individual.


Benjamin Giannis

This short animation illustrates the struggle of dealing with bullying and one’s journey to personal acceptance. In my render, insults are manifested into physical objects as heavy pieces of metal attached to the character. Initially the character is held down, barely able to walk due to the weight of these insults. But as the animation progresses, the character kicks or throws these insults off their body one by one until they’re free. I wanted to show that the process isn’t always easy, so each movement is met with resistance from the words that hold them down. By the end, these insults lay behind the character—a display that they are finally free from the labels that held them back.


Julia Le

Reincarnation is the belief that when one dies, their soul is reborn again into a new body. This change from one life to another is one of the core themes of this animation. Cats are superstitiously known for having 9 lives. Using this known myth, I created this story of a cat living in its family in its current life. The transition from leaving one life to another is hard as when you move on, you leave behind all the important people that made an impact on it. Here, this cat looks back and reminisces on its past owners while still being in the present of its current family.

World Changing Window

Seadric Macawile

Between the digital and real world lies a screen that separates the two worlds. The theme of transformation is shown in this animation through a change in the world surrounding the model. World Changing Window shows the world we live in slowly breaking down and transforming into a digital world, using cubes and glitch-like animation. The window in the house is the screen that separates the two worlds and going through the window overwhelms the character. I wanted to show and explore the concept of transformation which led me to think about how to bridge the real world with the digital world. I have always thought about and imagined what it would be like to be in a world that is different from the one we live in, like a fantasy world or a futuristic world and this project gave me a solid foundation on how to show this concept through the use of 3D animation.


Ashley Thong

People have walls they never let down. Some are lucky enough to have someone capable and willing to break it. With the barricades gone there are endless possibilities for growth and change. In this animation, a boy meets a girl behind a wall. He tries hard to warm up to the girl and get her out from behind the wall. With a couple of attempts, he manages to do it through unconventional means. Without the blockade between them, there is a larger sense of closeness and a positive change in the atmosphere. This is a light-hearted story of two people trying to overcome a wall.

An Egg Per Day

Cindy Vu

This is a 3D animation made for DATT 2501 about how just one little change can “spice” up someone’s routine in a day. This was created using both 2D and 3D aspects to provide some sort of flair, utilizing my skills as a digital artist to achieve. The goal was to make the animation relatable in some way, especially for the idea that one’s routine may become mind-numbingly mundane, to the point where life becomes nothing but one thing. Whether it be the workplace, student life, etc., everyone surely has gone through this sort of feeling one way or another, represented through the action of simply “frying an egg”.

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