Visionary frame is inspired by ancient Chinese myths and legends called “Fairy in the painting”. In Ancient China, people believed that celestial beings were powerful and always secretly protecting humans. In this interactive artwork, it demonstrates the existence of the visionary world by combining the form of technology and art. Audience can see their visional body in the frame and they can interact with the invisible energy by touching them.
In our project Visionary frame, there are three main goals. First, we want to experiment project video/picture on irregular media such as water, glasses, plastic and fog. The refraction and reflection of the light in different media could create various visual effects. In this project we focus on project video on thick fog to create a blurry mystery visual effect. Second goal is to learn how to use depth map and skeleton data capture by Kinect2 to build human shape particle system in Unity. This project is also a musical experiment of how to create mystery feeling sound by randomly combining some certain notes. In this paper we are gonna discuss how we gradually find and confirm the aesthetic style. Our purpose and how we overcome the difficulties we met in the technical parts and physical part.

Dongcheng Wu, Xiangyue Meng, Jiaqi Yao, Tingwei Zhang