Imagine you and a loved one are moving away from each other, you promise to text, call, video chat whenever you are available. What about the times when you aren’t? What happens when you wish you could feel the presence of one another. Now imagine you have these lamps, Distance Lamps. You have one and your loved one has the other. Distance lamps provide a way of conveying emotion through colours with the touch of a button. You can wirelessly turn on your loved one’s lamp from anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to WiFi. The purpose of having this external button built into the lamp instead of having one within the dedicated app is so that you and your loved one know that they are thinking of you because they have to physically touch the lamp in order to turn the opposing one on. In terms of the app you can control the RGB colours, brightness and you can even toggle through preset colour modes. This generation has given in to these tiny screens we call smartphones that supposedly hold the world within them, these lamps will make us realize what it is really like to put effort into somebody.

Jason Sankhar
Matthew Leong
Edmond Diep
Arujen Segar