Meltdown is a fast-paced multiplayer 2.5D game in which goats race to the top of the mountain while facing obstacles such as snowballs being hit at them and rising water levels. There can be up to 8 players as the goats, and an additional 6 players -usually the audience- who can launch snowballs at them. The game takes place at a time where land is disappearing; the only safe place is at the peak. The goats cannot swim and so they must get to the top to survive. However there is a lot of snow on the mountain, and if the goats are not careful, they may get hit and fall off. Not to mention there is only room for 1 goat at the top; can any goat make it?

Link to video:

Brian Pimentel, Martin Harriott, Jorge de Oliveir, Yodhin Singh, Aylin Tamer, Riggy El-Shebiny