To combat the fashion industry’s size bias, we plan to make a dress that fits all body types. Using drawstrings, motors, and sensors, our dress will adjust how fitted it is based on it’s wearer’s body size. We also want our dress to combat the financial problems associated with “fast fashion.” Fashion trends change constantly from year to year, making individuals feel the constant need to update their wardrobe. The adjustable settings and modular pieces on our dress will give its wearer a diverse amount of options to customize with, which they can change based on that season’s trends.

We plan to stress the importance of creating a more sustainable fashion industry through clothing that wearers can cherish. Thus, the dress will also incorporate different sensors that allow it to act as if it were its own living being that reacts to a wearer’s state. A pulse sensor will give the dress a breathing life whereas a temperature sensor allows the dress to adapt to the environment it is surrounded by. In doing so, wearer’s can build an emotional attachment to a piece of clothing that depends on their state as much as a pet will.

Conceptual sketch:

*Patent Pending

Faadhi Fauzi, Kwame Kyei-Boateng, Catherine Lombardo, Keon Rastgoo, Zannie Victor-Ogbondah