The effects of climate change are becoming increasingly difficult to deny. Canada’s Arctic region is warmer than ever previously on record and this is having an undeniable effect on the environment and wildlife of the north. In many legends and mythologies, bear and humans are closely linked, often represented as humans who have transformed into bears and as the keepers of wisdom and teachers.

Project North Bear asks participants to step into the DreamTime and allow themselves to be transformed into this mythological manifestation of Polar Bear and Human as one, interchangeable, and to experience a struggle with a dwindling arctic habitat and to search for solutions through cooperative play and a symbolic rebuilding of the environment around them.

Duna Al Jaberi, Lamisa Ashiq, Sam Bebenek, Marion (Gale) Cabiles, Jason (Yue) Chen, Basma El-Bahnasawy, Nick Erkelenz, Aubrey Garcia, Amanda Guido, Vivien Hung, Kyle Irizawa, Zhuoxuan (Jeff) Li, Paul Liu, Ann Nguyen, Jeremy Nguyen, Nam Nguyen, Phuc Pham, Dale Rosen, Colin Ruan, Zach Shron, Raymond Wan