Our project is an interactive visualization project. It is a closed mirror box and controlled by the wearable device — a glove. Audiences could have immense experience and interact it by using the glove.There are two parts in this project: mirror room and wireless glove. For the mirror room, we use mirror paper to create a distorted reflect vision, it decorates with RGB LED strips and an 8*8*8 LED cube in the middle. Speaking of the wireless glove, there are 4 flex sensors and one orientation sensor on the glove which could detective the user’s hand gesture and movement. When users do different gestures, the environment in the mirror room would change and present different light modes. As for the main technical parts of our project. First part is LED cube and strips which we use an Arduino Uno and 9 multiplexers to control both LED strips and the cube. For the glove, we use an Arduino Lilypad and several sensors to detective user’s hand gesture then use Wenkinator to train the computer to send a different instruction from Max8 to Arduino when users do certain gesture.

Ziyu Zhong, Dongcheng Wu, Xiangyue Meng, Jiaqi Yao