LUXX is a large-scale game playable by up to 10 participants conceived, designed and created by the students of DATT 3700: Collaborative Project Development. In a world where mobile technology has dramatically increased the physical distance between people, LUXX employs mobile technology to bring people together.

An interactive, technology-enhanced version of the childhood classic, “Tag!”, LUXX participants play the game in a large, dark room wearing custom-designed, LED-powered suits. Once the game begins, each suit begins to pulse with one of two colors, dividing the players into two teams. Participants must attempt to tag players on the other team. The game ends when all players are the same colour, or when the time has run out.

Students used a wide variety of digital media technologies and techniques to create LUXX including RFID readers, XBee wireless communication, wearable technology, 3d printed components and custom software running on an Arduino microcontroller.

This project was made possible with the generous support of the Digital Media Program. Special thanks to the Department of Theatre.

The official LUXX documentation site.

Team member Daniel James’ documentation site.