Inlustris is about a lone star that travels through space in search of other stars. As this star travels, it finds out that the stars that it once watched glow in the distance are now dark and lifeless, surrounded by debris. However, not everything that this star sees is in ruins. In the midst of all this is a tree that once sustained the life around, but now that its disconnected from everything, it can no longer support its surroundings. It is now the star’s job to bring a drop from this tree to the dead stars nearby in order restore not only the dead stars but also the surroundings.

The rest of the story is mostly up to the players’ interpretations, so everything that the players see or experience in the game is not just to be taken at face value since each of them have a metaphorical meaning behind them

Ann Jeanette Arizapa, Kadia Gregory, Thomas Nguyen, Anas Chohan, and Greg Wong