ESCAPE.EXE is a virtual reality game that allows people to have the experience of an escape room through the inside of their living room. An escape room is an adventure game that involves both the mental and the physical. Players have to solve riddles, in a sequence or other combinations using strategy. They’ll be able to solve these problems with a variety of hints and clues that will serve them as a guide to complete the puzzle. Players are usually put into a story setting or a theme, to immerse them into the escape room and give them a sense of purpose.

ESCAPE.EXE’s purpose was to provide the players that experience our game with an immersive experience using the HTC Vive device, and also SteamVR. It was designed to test a player’s ability to solve problems using our obstacles as a form of reference.We’ve achieved this by giving the players the ability to solve our puzzles and complete our game. We’ve also achieved our purpose by providing the player a space within virtual reality in which they can interact with many elements which make up the level of the surrounding player. Simple ways we’ve achieved that was by letting our players feel one with the world. Surrounding them with basic familiar objects they would interact with in their own home, a school environment, or on a daily basis. Props have become a significant role in the game through these means.

Ryan Martin, Sachin Khargie , Joshua Tarantino