DATT 2500 provides a foundation in 3D modelling using state of the art render time 3D modelling software such as Maya, Blender, and 3DS Max. The course will provide a survey of various modelling techniques and approaches with an emphasis on modelling used in 3D art, 3D animation and games. Topics include photorealistic rendering, scene building, character modelling, and the use of 3D graphics in simulation and visualization.

Tamsyn Ballantyne, Emily Ngsee, Carter Pang , Joshua Cabrera, Paco Lui, Jiajun Xu, Jiaming Zhang, Shuky Badeer, Riyuan Zhuang, Kori Skeffington, Arman Pourshadi, Rachel Hershkop, Yodhin Singh, Krista-Anne Marquez, Yuan Yu, Tyler Rosen