The course provides students with theory and concepts relating to the field of game design and development, along with practical exposure to the process of designing and developing non-digital and digital games.

Through the exploration of different game mechanics, concepts and perspectives that encompass the field of game design and development, students will learn how to design, develop games and test digital prototypes using an iterative process.


Antonia Sinn

Primacos (pronounced pree-mah-kose) is a card-based interactive game where players draw from different coloured decks and yell out different items/subjects based on what is listed on the card. The game can be played by 2+ players, and the wide variety of topics listed on the cards allow for everyone to participate.

There are three different decks, coloured red, blue, and yellow, and depending on what colour is rolled with the dice, cards are drawn to the corresponding colour. Each card has a different topic, and every player must go back and forth and yell out something that relates to the topic until the timer runs out.

Every round, a player collects card(s), depending on who the play is on when the timer runs out. The winner is determined by a process of elimination. Players lose when they lose all 5 lives, and the last player to lose their 5 lives wins.


Tawfik Eyad

Polymorph is a role-playing/party game where the main focus is for players to enjoy role-playing as different characters while also feeling mystery and suspense throughout the game. The game utilizes 3 types of card decks as well as a role-playing feature for the game to progress. The goal of polymorph differs depending on the identity that the player possesses, however, generally speaking the point of the game is to identify which player is a normal human and which human is the polymorpher, the humans need to identify who the polymorpher is and expose them and the polymorpher must blend in with the humans. The humans are able to identify who the polymorpher is using the flaw system (described in the rules of play section), the player with inconsistent flaws or the one acting different and unnatural from the rest is the polymorpher. The polymorpher must pretend like they possess human-like flaws and must attempt to blend in and accuse others of being the polymorpher.

Tetris Simulation

Jun SeungMin

Tetris simulation is a board game that has the theme of the famous game TETRIS with similar objective too, where players must try to fill their own Tetris map with perfect horizontal lines of blocks more than other players. It is a strategy, and puzzle game.

The goal of this game is to use the blocks players gain from the game board and dice to create as many perfect horizontal lines of blocks as possible on the players own Tetris map.

Private Eye

Catherine Turuta

A criminal is on their way to escape the country and their chances of being arrested before they escape depends on the detectives working together to collect all evidence that may incriminate the criminal. The goal of the game is to work together as detectives to collect all the evidence pieces and bring it back to the home base before the criminal manages to successfully leave the country. This is achieved by rolling the dice and moving around the board to collect the evidence chips and bring it back to the home base before the criminal manages to make it to the end of their board.

Blushing Bots

Adrian Ritchie

Blushing Bots is a dating simulator game in which you meet four eligible Robots and try to win over their hearts.

The goal of the game is to have enough hearts with one of the bots to be able to go to The Dance with your chosen bot. You gain hearts by progressing through each location and making choices based on the options presented to you by your robots event card. If you make the correct choice you receive hearts, if you make the wrong choice you may lose hearts.


Daniel Doris

Dungeoneers is a 2-5 player game in which all the players explore a futuristic dungeon. One player however will take on the role of the Dungeon Master (DM), who will be designing the dungeon rather than exploring it. Using the variety of trap types at their disposal, the DM will fill its dungeon with dangers and try to eliminate the Dungeoneers before they can escape. This is a digital version of the game made in Bitsy. Game is playable at

I have been suppressed by society for too long as a former gamer, now it is time for me to magically travel to another world to become so powerful that I beat the most powerful of the powerful, which makes me really powerful!

James He

An anime-themed 1v1, strategic, competitive, and turn-based card game that works similarly to existing TCGs such as Magic the Gathering, Legends of Runeterra, Yu Gi Oh, and Lycee. The goal of the game is to reduce the deck size of your opponent to zero. This goal can be achieved by attacking with your characters to deal damage to your opponent’s deck, however, the opponent can respond by using a character to block/counter-attack. The battle gets more complicated as Trap Cards can be used to change the outcomes of a battle. The two goals of the game was to create a more dynamic gameplay and showcase the diversity of anime as a medium. This is a digital version of the game made in Twine

Game is available at

The Spaceman & The Strategist

Cindy Vu

Continuing their search to find the criminal that has been eluding our duo of policemen, both Robin and Olimar set out further deep into the dungeons they’ve been stuck in for days. Their time down there goes sour when Robin gets split up from Olimar, leaving the spaceman to go solo to reunite with his partner. He’s going to have to go through a couple of challenges ahead of him.


Juan Callejas

Similar to the original board game, Snipe is a turn-based board game in which players advance the number of tiles corresponding to the total sum of two D4 dice rolls. If a player lands on an occupied tile, the player that was there first gets sniped and thus has to move back to the starting tile. If a player lands on a tile above or below another player, and they are armed, they get to choose if they would like to snipe the adjacent player or preserve their ammo for a later turn. Any players that get sniped back to the starting tile will regain their ammo. Finally, players that advance past the final tile win the game. This is a digital version of the game made in Pico8.

Game is available at

Marine Mayhem

Jonathan Singh

a dice-based board game, where players would pull cards every turn to fight sea creatures, using dice to roll damage and make ability checks. The game theme consisted of a sea-based environment, where the player would draw enemy sea creature cards to engage in combat with them in order to progress. The original story behind this game was that the player would be a human, that would enter a sea environment and wipe out the population, and the player would be a villain of sorts for the entire game, but this would only be revealed at the end. This is a digital version of the game made in Bitsy