Ilze Briede [Kavi

In ‘Volatile Bodies’, two biologically active forms (a tree and a human body) are translated through signals into digital expressions while sharing the same space of temporary presence. Together, they entangle and weave a new form of hybridity, a language, a remote embodied connection, pulsing and driven by living data streams. The artwork explores more profound and volatile chemistries of different lifeforms entering the alternative space of encounter while exchanging signals unaware of each other. It is a conversation that is not spoken but lived and manifested from the core of the bodies and their living environments.

Ilze Briede [Kavi]
Ilze Briede [artist name Kavi] is an artist nomad traversing across various art disciplines and foraging multiple media into mutual conversations. Kavi’s current research explores the intersection between human and non-human, biological, digital and artificial processes and systems, and potential cross-collaborations. She aspires to develop more informed human-computer-human interaction models to bring technology and humans closer together. Her research-creation methodology is rooted in exploring aspects of materiality, performance, live coding, and experimentation. Kavi is a second-year PhD student in Digital Media at York Universityvideo, bios, etc

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