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The Lost Past

In The Lost Past, you travel and explore the invisible city and uncover some of the mystery.

Shiloh’s Adventure

Welcome to the abandoned city of Despina, where lives Kairi and Audun. The former best friends have been granted control over the two sides of Despina and are both longing to mend their friendship after a quarrel without leaving their comfort zones. You, Shiloh, have travelled to Despina and decided to help. With the help of your car, you embark on this journey of friendship mending. On your way, you find knotted roads and bottles scattered all over. You also see Kairi and Audun standing far apart, desiring the other while lacking the courage to forgive. Help them find each other again to leave the city with a content heart.

Marble Madness Remake

Miss the marble game from the NES days? Introducing its unofficial successor Marble Madness Remake! In this new remake you get to experience 4 new levels with enhanced graphics. Think you can outrun the clock?

Runaway Toy

In Runaway Toy, you play as a doll who has come alive inside a toy doll workshop, a unique toy compared to the rest. After realizing your circumstance, you decide to escape the workshop, seeing life on a shelf as a less fulfilling path for a unique being like yourself. On your journey, you will traverse through objects, craft a bridge, and encounter enemies that delay you from reaching the exit.


Senryō is a paper 2.5D action-adventure game inspired by the beat-em-up genre. The game takes place in a mythical painted world inspired by Japanese mythology where the player will use an oversized paintbrush to defeat enemies and clear puzzles. Put the pain in painting.

Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam is a chaotic task-juggling crossing guard game. As the crossing guard, you’ll have to stay on your toes to avoid any accidents! Navigate traffic-heavy crosswalks to help pedestrians cross. Using the tools at your disposal: you can clear obstacles, manage traffic, and if need be – carry pedestrians to safety! You’d better be quick with it – not everyone is willing to wait!

Digital Media END OF YEAR SHOWCASE 2021 • 2022

This exhibition highlights of some of the best and most innovative work created by Digital Media students at York University from Fall 2021 through Winter 2022. The selection of works in this exhibition are representative of students from across our program, ranging from years one through four of the Undergraduate program, as well as works from Masters and Ph.D. The works presented here are in a wide variety of mediums and formats. From web-based, to electronic, to mixed reality, the common thread to most of these works is the computational basis in their conceptualization and realization. Most of the works presented here use content that is generated in real-time using algorithms as their creative toolset. All of the works embody computational thinking and aesthetics in their execution that include systems-based methodologies, hybrid art, and interdisciplinary approaches to making art.