Category: END OF YEAR SHOWCASE 2022 • 2023

Digital Media End of Year Showcase 2022-2023

This exhibition highlights of some of the best and most innovative work created by Digital Media students at York University from Fall 2022 through Winter 2023. The selection of works in this exhibition are representative of students from across our program, ranging from years one through four of the Undergraduate program, as well as works from Masters and Ph.D. The works presented here are in a wide variety of mediums and formats. From web-based, to electronic, to mixed reality, the common thread to most of these works is the computational basis in their conceptualization and realization. Most of the works presented here use content that is generated in real-time using algorithms as their creative toolset. All of the works embody computational thinking and aesthetics in their execution that include systems-based methodologies, hybrid art, and interdisciplinary approaches to making art.