Author: Don Sinclair

Dance of Cultures

Dance of Cultures

Dance is a movement that is practiced throughout the world. Diversity and inclusivity allows people to enjoy and partake in this movement. Our goal is to create a…

North Bear

North Bear

The effects of climate change are becoming increasingly difficult to deny. Canada’s Arctic region is warmer than ever previously on record and this is having an undeniable effect…


Rover Over

The player must use a drone from their crashed collection pod to find the missing parts from their engine and repair their ship while avoiding the hostile inhabitants of the…

Introduction to 3D Modelling 2016-17

Samples of student work from Introduction to 3D Modelling 2016-17.

Butterflies section


Murmuration was part of An Installation Incubator Project performed in March 2017. The project was an interdisciplinary exploration in technology, movement, sound, design and performance featuring talent from the…