Invisibility :: Complexity :: Resistance :: Intentionality

December 14 – 21, 2020

online exhibition – performances – talks

The Game of Life
This work is an experimental collaborative performance piece devised by Undergraduate students in the Digital Media program and the Dance program for DATT 3931/ 4931 – Collaborative Performance Project I and II. It is presented through Zoom, and involves audience participation by way of the Zoom chat window.

The Dark Side of the Hills
A musical journey through a live generated ocean-like terrain exploring different element flows of our music using max/msp patch for exploring and visualizing our music. The inspiration for music comes from a Baader-Meinhof effect in an attempt to spark an interest for the audience, and for visuals, it sparks an interest in working with 3D particles as well as objects put together in order to create scenery visuals.

A Muted Call
The mass digitisation of human interaction has redefined connection in the era of the pandemic. While some seamlessly adjust to an evolving social landscape, others see this new age of communication as a hindrance to the full range of human emotion. A Muted Call displays an instance of frustration with the limitations of online interaction. By thrusting the banal narrative of a video call into visual and sonic abstraction, the work explores a thirst for expression beyond the confines of our bodies in webcam.

No New Normal
This piece is an abstract work which aims to capture the zeitgeist of 2020. The visuals are dark and chaotic in order to evoke the sentiment or emotions connected to the stressful nature and circumstances of pandemic times.

Lightning Loops
A networked musical instrument you play by drawing in 3D space, trained on 164 MIDI recordings of me playing piano.


Vortex is a visualization of photos taken through the artists life of owning digital cameras, attached to a smartphone, DSLR, or mirrorless. The photos are taken and thrown into a spinning vortex according to the time where they were taken, creating a sort of story in the chaos of the photos.

(Prototype version)

‘Hi, Yuri’ is an AR simulation game with facial detection, gesture detection and speech recognition. We have set the purpose of prompting the theme of invisibility in our project so it will bring a healing experience to users during the Covid-19 period. The game will be involved in animation, composition calligraphy, clarity consistency communication and jelly texture cartoon characters. Along with the obvious physical implications for people who contract Covid-19, the pandemic is having a devastating mental health impact on people all over the world.

ThreadBare is a textile art installation that centers the shared and lived experience of survivors of sexual and domestic violence or abuse. It is the culmination of collected submissions of poetry and prose hand embroidered into clothing and combined with thread, and fabric, woven together by the stories of the contributors. By collecting anonymous submissions from those who wanted to share their experience, the piece gives voice to survivors and through the accompanying soundscape offers the opportunity for audiences to explore these voices while sonically immersed in the ongoing invisible public dialog around sexual violence on social media. In this digital remount, ThreadBare.hubs, we have recreated the experience of the exhibit in Mozilla Hubs.

A 2D puzzle game in which you control a white blood cell with the goal of wiping out bacteria and viruses from a human body. To fit the theme of resistance, the player and enemies have resistance values. The white blood cell can only absorb enemies that have the same or lower resistance value than itself, and absorbing an enemy increases the player’s resistance. The player can use a keyboard if they’re playing on a computer, or touch and swipe controls on mobile.